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Hi All,

The annual Townsend Cup took place this Friday and Saturday. 144 golfers took part in the event. 12 flights consisting of 6 two player teams, all battling to become overall champions. Here are some highlights and results from the event.

Anchorman Flight –

Rich Cote & Mike Dembowski – 52 pts (1st)

Dave Gendron & Paul Grant – 49 pts (2nd)

Beavers Flight –

Jim Santiago & Jon Baldwin – 58 pts (1st)

Matt Kelley & Tim Santiago – 52 pts (2nd)

Cadets Flight –

Keith McCarthy & Adam McCarthy – 48 pts (1st)

John Delaney & Pete Wuoti – 48 pts (2nd)

Dutchmen Flight –

Jamie Gibbons & Mitch Magnette – 61pts (1st)

Andy Hewitt & Elliot Drake – 49 pts (2nd)

Engineers Flight –

John Lentine & Vicki Lentine – 59 pts (1st)

Rob Ayles & Mike Pollastri – 53 pts (2nd)

Friars Flight –

Artie O’Connor & Leon Ouimet – 48 pts (1st)

Michelle Conner & Chris Conner – 47 pts (2nd)

Gulls Flight –

Mike McCarthy & Stan Newsham – 52 pts (1st)

Tony Masella & Mike Donofrio – 50 pts (2nd)

Huskies Flight –

Greg Giguere & Steve Bradley – 49 pts (1st)

Bret Lentine & Brian Carson – 49 pts (2nd)

Ice Dogs Flight –

Trish Auger & Cathy Walmsley – 55 pts (1st)

Rick Robichaud & Mike Blasi – 51 pts (2nd)

Judges Flight –

Dave Ledoux & Troy Gallagher – 56 pts (1st)

Jason Sundstrom & Mike Morock – 53 pts (2nd)

Kangaroos Flight –

Keith Briggs Jr. & Jeff O’Connor – 59 pts (1st)

Ken Gerken & Peter O’Sullivan – 50 pts (2nd)

Lancers Flight –

Jeff Sones & Angela Sones – 58 pts (1st)

Nancy Craig & Karen Carson – 58 pts (2nd)

Skins Friday –

Gross –

#11 – (3) – Jason Cowan ($325)

#14 – (3) – Matt Bielik ($325)

Net –

#1 – (2) – Patti Forest ($105)

#10 – (2) – Bob Raymond ($105)

#11 – (2) – Jason Cowan ($105)

#12 – (2) – Jim Santiago ($105)

#15 – (1) – Mark Dyment ($105)

#16 – (2) – Bryan Keeney ($105)

Skins Saturday –

Gross –

#5 – (3) – Jason Cowan ($220)

#6 – (2) – Chris Jamieson ($220)

#12 – (3) – Darrin Ohanesian ($220)

Net –

#4 – (1) – Fred Buck ($160)

#12 – (2) – Darrin Ohanesian ($160)

#14 – (2) – Mike Carignan ($160)

#17 – (1) – Dave Ball ($160)

Shoot-Out –

12 Teams, 1 Dream. Being the best team out of 72 teams is a difficult feat. Surviving play within your flight and then surviving the gauntlet that is the shoot-out. If you are the last team standing, you earned it along the way. A prestigious list of Townsend Cup champions through the years would be joined by one of these 12 teams. Sometimes par isn’t good enough in the alternate shot format and sometimes a 9 is just good enough to move you on…anything can happen. We would be eliminating 4 teams on hole #1. Usually par or better will advance you and this year was no different as 7 teams made net par or better at the first. Keith Briggs & Jeff O’Connor made 4 net 3. Jim Santiago/Jon Baldwin, Jamie Gibbons/Mitch Magnette, and Greg Giguere/Steve Bradley made 4. Trish Auger/Cathy Walmsley, Dave Ledoux/Troy Gallagher, and Jeff Sones/Angela Sones made 5 net 4. The team of Mike McCarthy/Stan Newsham made 6 and were eliminated. That left three teams that made 5 without a stroke that would need to playoff to determine the last team to advance. John Lentine/Vicki Lentine, Rich Cote/Mike Dembowski, and Artie O’Connor/Leon Ouimet would go to the chip-off. With a touchy little downhill chip at the 1st, all the players hit what would have been considered fantastic shots under the conditions. John Lentine however, hit the best of the group knocking it to 1 foot away and sending the crowd into a frenzy. Lentine/Lentine would advance in the last spot.

2nd hole we would be eliminating two teams. Gibbons/Magnette would cruise to an advance with a 4 net 3 on the tough 2nd hole. Santiago/Baldwin would also nab a spot with a par. Giguere/Bradley, Briggs/O’Connor and Sones/Sones would grab 3 more of the available spots with 5 net 4 on the hole. Ledoux/Gallagher could only make a 7 net 6 so they would be eliminated as the teams of Lentine/Lentine and Auger/Walmsley would each make 6 net 5 to force a playoff. This time we would be putting from the back right of the green to the front right pin placement. The Lentine’s would go first and would hit a putt to approximately 6 feet. Auger would go first for her team and hit a terrific touch putt that stopped a mere 3 feet from the cup and advanced them along.

Now we would eliminate one group on every hole, playing the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th.  A handful of tremendous shots hit in on the par 3. Sones/Sones would make 3 net 2 to move along. Gibbons/Magnette and Santiago/Baldwin would also make 3s to stay alive. Giguere/Bradley and Auger/Walmsley would make 4 on the hole, but that would be good enough to advance as well as the team of Briggs/O’Connor got into some precarious positions on the hole and were only able to muster a 6. They would be eliminated.

On the 6th, Walmsley/Auger would make a fantastic 4/3 to advance and like clockwork, the team of Gibbons/Magnette and Santiago/Baldwin would follow suit with a couple more pars. Three teams moving on, only room for one more. While it certainly wasn’t the prettiest hole as the team hit their tee shot into the hazard right and had to drop, the team of Giguere/Bradley would still find a way to make 6 net 5. The team of Sones/Sones ran into some trouble left and it proved costly as the team could not match the Giguere/Bradley tandem and would get eliminated.

Onto the 7th. Teams advancing here would find themselves in the money in the Pari-Mutuel pool. Pars from the teams of Gibbons/Magnette, Santiago/Baldwin and Walmsley/Auger would put pressure on the Giguere/Bradley team to match. They were the only team that missed the green. From a little short the chip got away and ran over the back. The team scared the hole on their chip for par, but could only muster a 5 on the hole and would find themselves locked out of the final three.

The 8th holes stands in infamy in Townsend Cup shoot-out history. It didn’t lack intrigue this year as well. Off the tee, Jon Baldwin and Trish Auger would hit terrific tee shots down the middle. Jamie Gibbons would hit his tee shot slightly to the right and just barely into the hazard. The team would be forced to drop. Mitch Magnette would hit a fantastic shot onto the green from there some 20 feet away, giving the team a chance for par. Then Jim Santiago would step up and hit a majestic shot into the green that looked to be beautiful but didn’t quite get to the putting surface and bounced down into the water. Then Cathy Walmsley would also hit her shot into the hazard. Both teams would be forced to drop, and both would find their way onto the putting surface. Gibbons/Magnette who looked to be in dire shape off the tee, now had the advantage and would two putt to secure a 5 net 4 and a spot in the finals. Santiago/Baldwin would also 2 putt to make 6 net 5. The team of Walmsley and Auger would need to match to force a playoff. The first putt was a little aggressive and ran by the hole forcing them to make a 10 footer to halve and they could not do it. They would be eliminated. There were three bets on the team that came in third which paid $242 for those who bet on them.

The 9th hole was up next. Magnette found the fairway and Santiago could not match as he pulled his shot to the left. Baldwin was faced with some tree issues and a difficult lie and hit a great shot under the circumstances but based on line and distance, the ball found its way into the edge of the hazard and was on some rocks. Gibbons would go next and find the left side of the green some 25 feet away. Santiago would get down into the hazard and hit a terrific shot off the rocks that stopped about 20 feet away. The team would miss their par putt and tap in for bogey. Two putts and the W for Magnette/Gibbons. Unfortunately the downhill putt got away from Magnette as he raced some 7 feet by the hole. Still a chance to win and Gibbons hit a putt that was dead in the heart and got up to the front lip before it came to rest centimeters from the hole. Tie meant extra holes.

Back to the 1st and both teams would make fairly routine pars. Not much trouble in the hole, but no threats at birdie as well. That meant we would move onto another playoff hole on the 2nd. Magnette would again find the fairway and Santiago would push his drive to the right. Baldwin would re-tee and find the fairway. Gibbons/Magnette was also stroking on the hole. So it was certainly advantage them. However, Santiago would hit the approach onto the green and then Baldwin would make a 30 footer to salvage 5 for the pair. Welcome to match play, as Gibbons would hit the approach short of the green and they would chip onto the surface. Two putts from 10 feet for the victory and that’s just what they did. Your 2019 Townsend Cup champions for the second time in their career, was the team of Jamie Gibbons and Mitch Magnette.

Magnette/Gibbons was bet on 17 times so the share of the winning team per bet was $107. The Santiago/Baldwin team was bet on 9 times, so the share of a bet on the 2nd place team was $109.

Thanks to all for playing, I hope you enjoyed the event. All skins money and betting money is in the golf shop and can be grabbed at your leisure.